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Is it true that Canadian men love dating black women?
Every white man that I know who is from Canada all say they are attracted to black women.

My friend who is from Montreal, Canada said white men over there are very straight forward about their love for the black woman.
No, they are never given choices.
Those "female" baboons better not go after my gorgeous men.
Who are you talking to? I know a lot of white guys and I don't know many white guys here at all who prefer them. I know they exist and I know white guys are attracted to SOME black girls but I wouldn't say they PREFER them. I wouldn't count this theory as a Canadian stereotype at all.
Believe it or not I've heard the same thing. It might just be that there aren't many black women in Canada, so they seem "exotic". I honestly don't know.
Just because you know a few people with specific interests doesn't mean that all of Canada has those interests as well.
I love Quebec and Canada overall

Went to school close to Montreal and you will find your share of knuckleheads, but overall its much more laid back and people go for what they like and don't get preoccupied about race.

Whenever I went to the clubs in Montreal I had no problems with the white girls.

I imagine Canadian men are open minded as well, only they can say for sure though.
I live in Montreal for a year recently, never seen or heard about that.
I can honestly say yes.
I've seen it too many times.
i think canada is more genuinely anti-racist than america, so many white men see it as a tolerant-person status-symbol to date a black woman
Canadians are more open minded in general (in comparison to Americans), but I wouldn't say they go crazy for black women in particular. So, not true.
Canada is like America... that's like asking if American men like white women. It depends. America has a variety of cultures/ethnics just like Canada.
Who doesn't love dating black women?
Ummm no? Dumb ass

I live in Canada. Most of them like white women here and the black girls get the with the immigrants and ugly french guys idk why. Then we have a lot of mixed males as well all with white women.

It's not RARE to see black women here it's a lot of black people just minoritiy.
Uhm... no :p Not where I live anyways Tongue... but at my church there are 5 WM with BW wives (including my pastor Tongue)

And I do prefer black women... but it all depends
My uncle is white and has a 1/2 black 1/2 shrelanken GF
Here's a thought. They may just be telling YOU that because YOU are attractive, if you are a black woman. (You might also be someone who would take offense if not told what you want to hear.) I have been to Canada and the cities:Ontario, Montreal, and Québec City. It's about the same ratio as the U.S. They're more accepting about certain things but they are not too different from their American counterparts when it comes to black women. I do see more open IRs b/w WM/BW but its barely different from the U.S. Honestly I don't know why people keep asking questions like this. If your attractive why worry about what others assume about your race and gender.

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