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Will the year 2011 have better opportunities for employment in Europe,America and elsewhere?
I mean,is it FINALLY the end of the economic crisis?I am from Romania and hope to immigrate in other part of Europe in case i dont get job in my homeland
NO.........we won't recover until 2015...........
The economy is still going badly, no matter what the "experts" say. It takes anywhere from 10-25 years for any place to fully recover from an economic hardship. And since this economic downfall has effected most of the world, it could take twice as long.

Do you know of the "Domino effect"? Well, if you do, then the economy is like a domino chain.
One bad move and everything gets knocked down in a cascading chain of events. Of course it takes a very long time to set up a domino chain, so in effect, it takes a very long time to reset the economic balance.

Jobs in 2011 are supposedly looking "good" by job forecasters, but they are just guessing. Nobody can really say whats going to happen in 2011.....good or bad.
Things will get better for those who are educated with advanced degrees. Hope this helps.
I doubt it. I think we just beginning and it's the new normal.Just look at Europe....Ireland just collapse a few weeks ago. It's still happening. They are saying Portugal is next...eventually the US.
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