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How do I get a science job in Bulgaria?
Looked at the various job sites and applied online. Is it really so difficult to get work as a foreigner?
I didn't know the HAD science in Bulgaria
Well it is not the easiest to get a job anywhere in Europe as a foreigner. I am not sure about science but unless you manage to go through some foundation program or university it's probably going to be difficult. Bulgaria is not as strict as other European countries though, so don't give up just yet.
Where are you at the moment? If you're an EU citizen then you have the right to live and work in Bulgaria, but as with relocating anywhere, it's a bit difficult if you don't speak the language. Multinational corporations may overlook lack of local language skills as they probably operate in English on a day-to-day basis, but local companies won't overlook it.
Hopefully now you know that there's science. I'm tired of people like you going around and insulting countries.

But back to the question...I think, like the poster above me, if they're big companies they won't make speaking the local language a top priority. If you know English, you should be good. Good luck!

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