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Anybody out there I need to know how I can get a Cytology job in Cyprus?
Please, if any body out there could tell me any agencies, or direct business that I could contact there. Any advice or tips(SERIOUS answers). A lot of people apparently have never heard of cytology. The field I am in (worked as Cytotechnologist for 5 years, certified). We work under the supervision of Pathologist, mostly in private labs or hosptals. We make diagnosis for benign diseases and malignancies(cancer) from analysis of different tissues of the body. To give an example: We screen pap smears (mostly) for abnormal cells, using the microscope. If I can't do this I am opened to some more things, Just need a job. PLLLLLLEEEASSSE HELP MMEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
You can't just come to Cyprus and get a job as a doctor.

Also you are looking for something very specific and most of the doctors that I know and they could answer you this, are too busy to answer questions here Sad

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