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In Denmark can i get a job in accounting / warehouse realated?
i am planning to move denmark wihtin this year. can anyone pls inform me:
1. what is job situation in Denmark (can be odd job)
2. is it hard to find a odd job or office job.
3. where i can find maximum job in Denmark
4. living cost is low in which area in Denmark.
If you are not fluent in Danish, it is difficult to find any sort of job in Denmark unless you are highly skilled/educated and working for a major corporation (high tech, pharmaceuticals, banking) employing a lot of foreigners where the working language is English

The cost of living is high anywhere in Denmark - it's one of the most expensive countries in the world to live in.

If you are a qualified accountant, try applying to accountancies like Deloitte who have a large office in Copenhagen
You're obviously from Bangladesh, there is no way you can move to Denmark without a previously arranged work permit and residency permit.

You will most likely not be allowed to come to Denmark, and even if you did it would be very hard to find a job for you. Not only is there a financial crisis but you don't even know Danish.

And you would have to know Danish bookkeeping laws and practices!

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