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Moldova agaisnt gays?
they disappeared and probably are waiting for a more democratic government that would support and defend their rights. I think this way they will never manage to reach their objectives. There should be a main manager that conducts the entire movement.
If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is "God is crying." And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is "Probably because of something you did."

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was surprised to see today that the US government didn't pass the law on unisex marriage in California, well done! Confuseduper
it wasn't the US Government. It was a state ballot proposition that modifies the constitution of California. There are several states that allow marriages between same sex couples. California was one of them (for a few months based on that specific state's Supreme Court ruling). But chances are that they'll take that state proposition to court and reverse it. US has very complex rules - hard to explain but you can check on their websites.
sorry, must have misunderstood. However it's good to hear that such laws meet obstacles even in one of the most democratic countries in the world. Nobody should take the example of Netherlands and other states that allow unisex marriages.
La conferinţa de presă susţinută astăzi la "Infotag", pederaştii, în persoana experimentatului Alexei Marcikov, au declarat că renunţă la organizarea paradei prin centrul capitalei, care urma să aibă loc pe 7 mai, cu începere de la ora 12. Motivele invocate de aceştia sînt instabilitatea politică (din care cauză păsurile acestora nu vor fi auzite de guvernul care şi-a prezentat ieri demisia) şi teama de a fi iarăşi lăsaţi de poliţie în mîinile "mulţimii violente". Cu toate acestea, festivalul pederastic "Curcubeul peste Nistru", care se organizează pentru a opta oară, se va desfăşura în perioada 7-10 mai conform planului stabilit de centrul sodomiţilor "GenderDoc-M".

Gays are scared by political instability in Moldova and decided to give-up to the march which took place today, May 7 at 12 in the capital. However, the festival of sodomy "Rainbow over the Dniester", which is organized for the eighth time, will be held during 7-10 May under the plan established by the organization "GenderDoc-M".

Bravo Moldova!
And yet Moldova entered the Eurovision Song Contest again... Don't you know what kind of men are watching those tasty backing dancers? :langue

You know, not all gay people are parading naked in public or perverting children. ;-) Some are very normal people in committed relationships: it is even now legal for gay and lesbian couples to adopt children in the UK (if they are approved).

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