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is there a bus company or a travel company that can take me from estonia to prague ?
I plan to travel from estonia to prague via latvia, lithuania and poland. Is there a train or a bus service that runs through these countries so i dont have to look for a new service in every country ? Eurail doesnt cover these. Also, are these countries safe to travel in ?
Try the following page:
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There you can get a discount pass not only from Tallin to Prague but the rest of EU.
Eurolines buses go from Tallinn to Riga (5 hours/about 16-19 euros) and Riga to Vilnius (4.5/16 euros).
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But from Vilnius, I would take the train to Warsaw, but pick the one that does not go through Minsk, Belarus (visa required). It leaves Vilnius at 11.41 and arrives in Warsaw at 20:21, with a change at Sestokai(<14:43<15:08) (about 36 euros).
Then there's a night train from Warsaw to Prague at 21:05, arrives at 6:41 next morn. And there's a day train from 9:10 to 18:00. (about 42 euros). If you want to go to Krakow from Warsaw, there are plenty of trains; then from Krakow to Prague, the night train is 22:25 to 6:41 and there's a day train from 7:00 to 14:00.
I strongly prefer trains over buses, but up in the Baltics they don't have the train services they used to have. The Polish trains are comfortable and economical. You can find schedules on <!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
I found all those countries safe and pleasant to travel in, but Estonia wasn't cheap. And Prague is super popular, so make reservations.

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