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How to get back motivation for a diet?
I have been on my diet for 2 weeks and have lost 7lbs but yesterday and today i have seemed to loose motivation and just eat eat eat!! How doI get back my motivation?
Pick out some clothes you will be buying once you reach your diet goals.
A diet that is too restrictive won't last too long. Make sure you have healthy nutritious foods in your diet, and limit your portions. Any kind of diet that causes you to feel denied won't work because you won't stick with it. Lose more slowly, but keep it off with a less restrictive diet.
That's a great start so far, congrats! I'm 21 years old, 5'4", and weigh 168 lbs. I started my weightloss journey at 185 lbs about 3 months ago. The one main thing that helps me stay motivated is keeping small, basic, goals for myself, not huge unrealistic ones. For example, when I'm out with friends, or at work (I work at Panera), and want to endulge in a pastry or a nice dinner out somewhere, I think about my goal, and how even though it would be nice to eat the yummy food, i'd regret it later, so i DON'T eat it. Same with just drinking water. I used to be a huge Dr. Pepper drinker, but now i solely drink water. And the same thing goes with working out every day or night. I set my alarm clock early every morning before work (and disabled the snooze button) just so i can get up and jog 2 miles. It's a great feeling and very rewarding! It's all a mind game that you have to play in your head and win. There's going to be temptations out there wherever you go, whether it's with food, exercising, or anything....just gotta listen to that little angel on your shoulder. BEST OF LUCK!! Just remember, you have to work hard and stay focused on your present to look/feel great in your future!!
You have to realize if you fall off the wagon all is not lost. Tomorrow's always a new day.

Listen to motivational podcasts. I like Zig Ziglar's "How To Stay Motivated."

Set small goals that you can achieve. Write them down. Make new goals. I use Zelky's Workout Tracker on Facebook.
ignore the first two answers to this question.

the problem with diets is that you lose motivation.

thats why diets dont work.

losign 7 pounds in two weeks is an untenable rate of weight loss. what you should be more interested in doing is living a healthier lifestyle.

go jogging every day - its very easy and cheap and very very very effective (just throw on some sneakers or running shoes and go for a jog, start off light and then extend the distances gradually).

in the meantime forget about diets and keep in mind the general healthy eating habits everyone should have (limit your intake of fried foods and so forth).

also, something tells me your just a kid so relax about the diets. go join a sports team and have fun with your youth.

and go do your homework ahahhahahah
Ok so a little harsh but this is what my buddy and personal trainer wrote down for me. It helped lol:

Motivation to live by:

¨Remember being thinner? Of course you do! Think of what it felt like. Imagine the feeling and the energy you had when you were thin. Picture what you looked like. Now look in the mirror. Yeah…. My suggestion….stay on this diet.

¨Now think back when you were thin. Remember the music that takes you back? Play that music that motivates you. This can bring back that cognitive time in your life.

¨Do you have a bad craving? You really want that fast food or junk food? Here’s a trick! Grab something healthy to eat and eat it in front of the mirror naked. Still want that shitty food? No you don’t fat ass!

§Late night cravings are the worst! Here’s the best solution for you! Caffeine free(Esp. Chamomille) tea and celery. Relax and go to fucking sleep man! Its not time to eat! Do you need the fucking energy(excess calories) to sleep? Ugh…. no you don’t dumbass!

§Fatty want a whopper? I’m sure you do! Guess what fatty look at some old skinny pictures. Still want that whopper? Didn’t think so!

§Its going to take sometime to get used to this. You have to hang in there! Visualize what you will look like and feel like once you are done. Cant nobody hold you down!

©Too tired to workout? PUSSY! The reason why you’re so tired is cause Your body is used to being so damn sedentary and this causes you to be a lethargic piece of crap. Tiredness = laziness. No ifs, ands, or buts about it!

©There is, however, a plus side! A cheat meal. Your body takes 2-3 weeks before it gets used to your diet; thus, lowering your metabolism . Make it ONE meal every two weeks. Eat whatever the hell you want!!! Just make sure to do it in the day time.

Good luck!
Just remind yourself that you will be fat again if you eat a lot! Look at pictures of fat people and picture those pictures in your head everytime you want to eat more.
I wrote a blog entry about motivation. It really is the hardest part, and I'm a personal trainer. Feel free to come by and ask me for specific, or encouragement, or whatever. I'm not charging anything except good karma.
Hey Sarah,

I have looked for ways to lose my extra pounds for a very long time.
Nothing seemed to work for me until I found the article in my sources.
It gave me the proper motivation and some great info and advices you should check it out.

Good luck!


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