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How to fight against laziness?
Maybe her friend is not lazy; maybe she is in a depression and needs psychological help.
well, this is where everything begins. First it's a depression, but, after a little time, the person realizes that this depression lasted for 6 months, for a year, for two...
Thus, this is a depression converted to laziness.
First of all have a strong motivation to do sth. When you have desire and interest, you can easily do things, and you won't feel laziness. Another point, if you are compelled to do sth, you should try to motivate yourself in another way, for example:if I do that job, I'll get a nice salary, etc.
Hey, writing is one of the solution to your friend. It will help her to improve thinking power source to spend time.
Find some motivation. Discover that one thing that your friend would definitely want to do.
Steven Wrote:computer games is like a desease, first you say "oh, I'll just play for 15 minutes". When you look at the clock, it's already evening and the whole day is lost!

This is very much correct. I experience it before when I got hook with with world of war craft. because you don't want to stop if you didn't reach the level up you wanted.

So one way to fight laziness is to get more sleep so that when you wake up you have high energy to perform your task and in that way you are not prone to temptation that surround you like playing an online games.
She need to be saved, such a problem is like rottem swamp,it absorb you,it is very hard to escape.You should find out what is the reason.When you know the reason you know the direction of your actions.Very often people lock themselves and prefer to sit at home and change virtual life on a real. I think,you should explaine to her that to live in such a way means to deceive yourself.To fall in love-is the best medicine for her)))
The problem is that she didn't find something interesting in her life, she doesn't have any interest about nothing, and it is really bad, I don't like such people who don't want to do nothing just to sleep. We should be active in our life, to work, to laugh, to cry, to walk around, to travel, to meet new people, to do exercise, without all of these life is not interesting.
Simply is to do some actions, the first step is to get up from the chair or from bed and try to do something, and the important thing is to put some music to play it will help you to move, you would like to dance and it is an action.
Laziness comes from being depressed, discouraged, or out of options. If there's nothing more you can do, you get 'comfortable'. Find the means to do more. If you have something to do, then you probably won't be lazy.

And those were my $0.02. Confuseduper

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