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5 Daily Prayers / Salaat with due attention save and help to get mercy and blessings of God. Learn Salaat.
Peace be on you.

It is extremely important that faithful should keep harmony in their words and action; pay dues of God and humanity; maintain high moral standards, give precedence to faith over worldly life and practically fulfill the conditions of pledge of allegiance -----The subject is explained by holy Khalifah of promised Messiah Mahdi, the restorer of faith in latter days……. The third condition of this pledge of allegiance requires that faithful shall offer five daily Prayers / Salaat in accordance to commandment of Allah and Holy Prophet (s.a.w.).

The Holy Quran commands about Prayer at many places. For example: And establish the Salaat. (words from chapter 24: verse 57)…… And observe Salaat and pay the Zakaat and bow down with those who bow.(2:44)…….. Guard and be regular in Prayers, and the middle Prayer and stand before Allah submissively.(2:239)....... And observe Prayer and give the Zakaat and obey the Messenger that you may be shown mercy.(24:57)

The Holy Prophet (s.a.w.) has said, metaphorically, that the offering of five daily Salaat is like taking bath five times which would clear all impurities……Salaat offered with humbleness and angst brings forgiveness of God.......Collective Salaat offered with community is twenty seven times more blessed than individual offering.

The ardent devotee of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him and his beloveds ), the promised Messiah teaches his community to offer five daily Prayers / Salaat with such concern and presence that as if they see God (spiritually). In Salaat one mentions purity and praise God, seek His cover and forgiveness and invoke salutation on Holy Prophet (s.a.w). Besides prescribed Arabic prayers of Holy Quran and Holy Prophet, one should pray in one’s language too so that there is effect on the heart.

Visiting to his community in the U.S.A. (on Friday, 29 th June, 2012 Annual spiritual gathering starts. Ref:, the holy Khalifah of promised Messiah tells his community to get full benefits of mosques they are raising by the grace of Allah. For that they should come for Prayers and spiritual learning and bring their children with them. They should educate their new generation about Salaat. Help them to use TV and internet in healthy and positive way. These inventions should not obstruct their spiritual upbringing. Keep focus of regular self checks and convey divine message of peace with enthusiasm so that all humanity get together under the flag of Holy Prophet (peace and blessings of Allah be on him).

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