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new comer
Skagford here as a new member from California. Wanna say hi to everyone. Hope to see warm welcome from board members. REally happy to join and looking for quick replies.  :Big Grin  Hope there will be active participation to make me happy to stay connected with you all.
Hello, Skagford, It is really nice to see that you are a new member here from the California. I am Seren from the Texas and I am loving to say you welcome here. I am hopeful that you will enjoy really a good time here. So, welcome on the board. Do you like to share something about your hobbies?
It's really great to see your welcome post here. Really happy to have you here. If I talk about my hobbies then must say make new friends and talk with them about beauties of this world. I love to read about different regions and nations. Anyway, what about you?
Skagford, First of all, I am happy to see that you liked my welcome posts. Secondly, If you talk about the hobbies than travelling is a nice way to have a fun time. I also love to enjoy travel. In fact, I make travelling plans on each weekend to enjoy with family or friends to make my life filled with stories.
Skagford, being a new member of this board would like to say welcome you here. hope you will enjoy a good time period through sharing and getting experience from different corners of the life. I am keen to see your more replies here regarding different topics. So stay connected with all of us.
Skagford! I am happy after seeing you as a new member here. I must say that welcome to you here from my side. Like you, I am also a newbie here and really happy after join this community. By the way, for running the conversation, you share your interest list here. I mean to say that share your hobbies names here.
Colon and Kinev Kya, It is nice to know that both of you members also liked to say welcome to Skagford on this community. I am full of hope that he will like these welcome replies and make a quick reply here. Anyways, Guys, What do you say about your hobbies?
Kinev Kya! Nice to see you here and love to say that I am a new member of this board. I have joined this forum a few months ago but not participate here properly. Here I love to say you welcome and quite sure that you will like my greetings here.

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