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trip to russian village
Hi, forum.
My name is Alexander. I from Bizhbulyak – the small village of f****ng Russia. The village is located in Bashkortostan, Ural.   From the local language Bizhbulyak translated as fife presents.
I can show you the authentic,true  life of the Russian village.  One week you will be Russian. Russian food, Russian people, Russian custom, Russian nature and many other. It is not Bali, it’s not Goa, it’s not Turkey, it’s f****ng Russian village and broad Russian soul.
I invite you to visit Russia.   I will organize a tour to the Russian village. The cost is 2000$ if the two of you, 2500$ -if the three of you, if you have more write on e-mail.
The price includes: 
1.      Transfer from the airport UFA and back
2.      Accommodation in a separate apartment
3.      Food all the time
4.      No-limit Russian alcohol(vodka, Russian samogon, kvass and Russian beer)
5.      Russian black and white bath
6.      Good company and communication
7.      No boring stories
8.      Rest in accordance with you wishes(Russian parties for  young  people, relaxing holiday)
You pay for the tickets to UFA yourself.  You must send the screenshot of tickets to Ufa. We will meet you.
PS. If you don’t know English we can invite the German, Spanish, Italian and Chinese speaking.
If you are interested and you have any questions write to the post:
+79997988225 whatsapp
              Sorry for my English. I don’t know English well. I have friends who speak English well.
                Thanks for reading. Peace to all.
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