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How to get acquainted with a girl?
I'll open a secret: if a girl looks very good, know it: she wants to meet somebody obviously. Girls who have boyfriends/husbands don't do that, they simply don't need it.
“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”
A really nice forum for Parisians
i think, the girl can make aquantence with you and by herself if a guy will be liked by her.gues, you should have a lot of self confidence and to go ahead. a great muss of young, old and very old ladies tries to be seen by the strongest sex and ist so happy even after a simple world sad to their person. it so amazing to hear that.
and more practice, more practice Smile Smile Smile after some new experience you aquaintences will have more and more succes and ladies will apreciate you thistlier than you wii show the interest in front of them :-)

I have got a Bandaid if you just scraped your knee falling for me.

Girl, forgive me you'd better have a license, cuz I am driving you crazy!

Damn, if being handsome was a crime, I'd be guilty as charged!

You must be in heaven because you are standing next to me!

You must be from out of space cause I can see my own stars in your eyes.

1) Introduce Yourself : Women will not give you their phone number if they have no idea who you are. The first order of business is to try and get acquainted with them by simply introducing yourself. Make sure you approach them with a big smile and great attitude.
2) Be Mysterious: Girls are into bad boys and interesting men. An air of mystery can certainly stir up the interest of a woman in you - it is like you have some kind of intrigue within you that she wants to find out. Simply holding back on details during your initial conversation will definitely make her want to talk and get to know more about you.
3) Develop Your Conversational Skills : Becoming an excellent talker during the conversation and then pretending that you are in a hurry after that is another way to get a woman to give you her phone number. 4) Find an interesting topic and try to expand on it: As soon as she starts to insist on knowing more about it, then make up an excuse like you have to attend a meeting or go to another party, but halfway through your "I'm-in-a-rush" act, be sure to tell her that you would like to continue the discussion and ask her phone number in a casual way.
5) Give Your Number: There are several people who are extremely skeptical when it comes to meeting new people. In case you encounter such person, then you may want to just give your phone number instead of asking for hers. If she is interested, then she will definitely get in touch with you.
6) Now Listen Carefully-:How would you like to discover an earth shattering secret that will make any and every girl chase you around like crazy even if you are fat, bald or plain ugly.

Thanks for reading
colin Wrote:6) Now Listen Carefully-:How would you like to discover an earth shattering secret that will make any and every girl chase you around like crazy even if you are fat, bald or plain ugly.
Girls are not looking for handsome guys, Colin :-) Unless they just want a casual relationship and some photos to show to their friends :lol:

Most important is that you have not been in prison, you are not currently married, and you are trustworthy! Being fairly young (under 40) and fit is an advantage if she wants children ;-) Bald can be sexy - it shows you have high testosterone levels :-P
First of all, don't afraid to get acquainted with girl. You should be self-confident, but not impudent. People feel energy of each other on subconscious level. The most successful method is to help a girl with something: give up your place to her, make way for her, depends on situation. The most important is to be sincere and don't start with lie. :love
Your plan is perfect and so sweet. Do it, for sure. It will probably be just the thing to break the ice between you. If he doesn't mention it after, you say something to him. Like, that was a really good game and I enjoyed watching you play.

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