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is luv all about pain?
Quote:well hi frnds,m jst a simple grl who dare to luv nd nw all unexpected things are happening in ma life,i really want sumone to guide me?is dere sumone to help me?plz i need ur help frnds!
No one can understand u at the moment like i Do...
I"m well-awared what the pain means...but it may run in manyw ays, depensd what kind of trouble u r in.
First tell us ur reason for pain, then we'll try to help u... with pleasure
Share with us ur feelings...
girls, stop saying that love is a pain. I would say that an incomplete love is a pain, normally love brings only hapiness. And even if it's pain, it's a pleasant pain, a warm pain, you only have to enjoy it.
I agreeeeeeeee

Love without pain worths nothing.. u should see some bad sides in order to appriciate the best
Love can involve some pain but at least you are living your life fully and intensely when you're in love which at least gives some meaning to your life. Better to have the pain than nothing.....
Better to love and Lost, than never love at all...
lile_lile Wrote:Better to love and Lost, than never love at all...
I don't know...
an incomplete love can damage your psychics forever. For me it's better not to love than to lose.
“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”
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It would be good to be positive because love can be won and can mean so much so don't hold back out of fear
It's important to love because love makes a person be kinder and generally more sensible to life.
If a kid asks where rain comes from, I think a cute thing to tell him is "God is crying." And if he asks why God is crying, another cute thing to tell him is "Probably because of something you did."

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If love comes only from one side, then this side will suffer a lot. Yes,love means pain. Even if a couple is happy, I think, earlier or later, it will suffer.
“Love is like a booger. You keep picking at it until you get it, then wonder what to do with it.”
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I remember when I was in love and my girl wasn't near, I felt pain. But, at the same time it gave me a lot of pleasure remembering her. Sweet pain...
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regardless of the love situation and your problems, you must be strong - in your mind and in your soul! Try to think of what could happen worse or think about the fact that complaints won't help you.
“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”
A really nice forum for Parisians
Loving someone is not just suffering, if it's happened to you is because there was a problem in your relation, and your action was to find out why that happened in such way, why it wasn't a true love story till the end of life, you should know that to prevent in the future situations like that.

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