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Interesting for tourists (traditions and laws)
In Australia each bar/restaurant is obliged to take care of their client's horse.
In Italy the man will be arrested in case he puts on a skirt and appears in public places.
In France you are not allowed to kiss on railroads.
In Denmark every car is obliged to be driven with turned on lights.
In Australia you can not write and read horoscopes.
In China you will not bear more than one child, unless you have money for the fine.
If you are a photographer, remember that in France you can't take picture of police officers or police cars.
In England children under 10 can't look at naked mannequins.
In UK suicides are considered to be hard crimes.
If you live in UK and want to throw your bed out of the window, don't do it. You'll be given a solid fine!
"I believe in making the world safe for our children, but not our children's children, because I don't think children should be having sex." Smile

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In Great Britain there is a law which says that any male subject which is 14 years old should have two hours of archery exercises per day.
In Florida there is a law which says that single women are prohibited from parachuting on Sundays, probably it is connected with public morals.
It is very good to be informed about the country where you want to travel in, about its laws, traditions and prohibitions, it will help you not feeling in a stupid situation, and not to offense someone. Usually such information should give you a travel agent.
Hey, Steven,
Suicide is no longer a hard crime in the UK :-) but it is true that once you could be sent to prison if you survived a suicide attempt Confusedhock: my mother tells me that, until fairly recently, a lot of nurses would take a dim view of suicide patients in hospitals (many of the senior nurses were Catholic Irish women, who saw suicide as a sin)

I didn't know the other facts about the UK!

Here's some more:
A London Taxi driver must, by law, always carry a bale of straw and a shovel for removing horse manure.
It is legal to shoot a Welshman with a crossbow within the city of Chester after sunset (please don't try this!)
It is illegal for common people to eat swan in the UK, because all swans belong to the Queen and eating swan is a royal perogative. Some asylum-seekers and an artist have got into trouble over the past few years for killing and eating swans :roll:
Thank you for sharing useful information. Before we travel to other countries we should know the tradition and law of that particular country. It will be helpful for us knowing and following according to the law.we can enjoy a lot if we know the tradition of the particular country which we are going to travel and people will be impressed with us as we show interest in learning their tradition.

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Thank you for sharing useful information. Before we travel to some country we should know about the laws and regulation of that particular country.


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