Full Version: Software piracy - necessity or crime?
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Do we have to fight piracy? Or it is necessary? Opinions?
Oh, come on. Piracy is a necessity. It's impossible to have the computer equipped with licensed software, it's very expensive.
in the former soviet countries the share of licensed softwares makes only 1%!
Yes, the rest 99% is piracy :-P
yes, the Eastern European market was a total trap for Microsoft's and other products programming. People are not used to buy licensed software, although they don't understand it will run faster than a pirate one.
Unfortunately there are softwares which are not available in all countries, simply because the copyright owner does not sells it there? In this case we are obliged to download unlicensed ones.
There are a lot of "legal illegal" torrents page. An example is "" where you can find almost any software, unlicensed of course Smile
UK is going to pass a bill which will trace the computers that don't have licensed softwares. That will mean an end for the British piracy softwares amateurs.
yes, I 've heard of that government scheme either. So this is how it will work:
1.if the computer donwloads an illegal software for the first time - a warning will come to your house
2. if you do that for the second time, your house won't be allowed to use internet at all
poor British people. It's not fair. Although, I consider such a system will be very expensive, since every computer can not be controlled, so probably the Government will choose them randomly.
For those who use unlicensed software this has already become a habit. It's impossible to change, 'cause the brain thinks "why should I pay this money if I didn't do tha before?"
...I'm not saying I'm honest, but holding somebody's work for free is not good at all. Imagine somebody steals your job, in which you put a lot of effort, how would you feel then?
The roots of software piracy come from the early 1960s In the USA, it should be mentioned, the level of piracy is also not low - up to 50% of the used software.