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Beauty is more than skin, and so are our treatments. Whenever necessary, your treatments at Everlast will include laboratory tests to make sure that our recommendations are according to your needs and customized accurately to be optimized for you. This may include skin DNA analysis, Skin Biopsy and all kinds of relevant dermatologic blood tests to make sure we have all the information we need to treat the root cause of your problem.
It is a procedure where a doctor extracts a sample tissue of your skin to be clinically analyzed. Results of the analysis are then used as key indicators in diagnosis and treatment implementation. Skin biopsy is essential in both clinical and aesthetic dermatology to better understand the etiology of ailments like acne, injuries and scarring, bacterial or fungal infections, skin cancers and other growths, psoriasis, and even warts and moles.
[b]How does Skin Biopsy work?[/b]
The collection of the sample may be done through the removal of top layers of the skin using a razor-like scalpel, removal of deeper layers using a soft tissue biopsy needle or whole tissue removal using a small surgical knife to remove a lump or a portion of abnormal skin.
[b]Is the treatment painful?[/b]
In Everlast, anesthesia is applied prior to skin biopsy to manage pain and inconvenience. This will ensure not just comfort to the client but a faster collection.
[b]How long do I get results?[/b]
Generally, after the collection procedure, it takes 3-5 days to have an initial result. After the report is generated, it is then shared to you by your specialist physician, who you will work with to address concerns based on your shared needs and the learned needs from the report.
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