Full Version: Rogue Medical Researcher Discovers Amazing Acne Cure
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Hi there!
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Have fun :livre
Hey Ani, what I see is that this photo is photoshoped. Are you sure you're not exaggerating?
I'll tell you some methods to get rid of the spots. There is a plant crassula portulacea, its sap cures the spots. I tried, and in 4 months the skin became clean.
[Image: 134dd.jpg]
I hope you healed acne ..... if you don't look some advice .... do not eat spicy ... sweet ... too salty, go to the doctor and do an analysis of the skin ..... it will tell you the cause you have acne ... it is very important .... if it is a skin disease where you can treat the outside .... but if you have internal problems, eg with digestion, then no cream wii not help you to get rid of it permanently
I don't believe in this research, this photo was done in photoshop ... I know for shure that the best treatment is sex.... Confuseduper
I was apprehensive about smothering my face with oil, since my face has always been veritable oil slick one hour after I wash it. So it took a big dose of courage to throw out my face wash and tried this method for oil cleansing. I love it! It removes all traces of makeup and leaves my skin soft.

Acne No More
Firstly, you go to counseling services of some well-known and a skin dermatologists center, with the area that I can dispose of this issue.