Full Version: A drug slows the progress of Alzheimer's disease
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British researchers have invented a drug that dramatically slows progress of Alzheimer's disease currently in first stages. Tests have demonstrated that the drug named Rember slowed mental functions decline by 81%. Experts say the discovery is a significant but mentioned that more researches must be done. Confuseduper
Alzheimer's disease is extremely serious and the tests made by British scientists shows that the new drug can slow or even stop disease progression in persons in the first stages of the disease. The drug fight's against Alzheimer's impact on nerve cells linked to memory and other parts of the brain. :geek:
In patients on which the drug was tested, the decline in mental function was slowed by 81% as compared to patients not undergoing tests. The author of the study, Professor Claude Wischik said that if patients took medication for 19 years, the disease appears to have been stopped. Next year will be made new tests and whether they will give good results, it is possible the drug will appear on market by 2012.
The most, I hate when I forget something! :banghead I'm not sick :mrgreen: .. do not worry Wink ... is normal even for the healthy to forget from time to time! But I can say that I understand those who suffer of this disease. It is a happiness for them and for us as well, because no one is assured and knows what expects them in future :livre
Alzheimer's desease is a desease of old people.Alzheimer desease is a form of senile dementia.The desease is connected with slow progressive loss of nerve cells and nerve cell communication. The first symptoms are the loss of memory and orientation. Second symptoms are poor mental capacity and impossibility to solve daily problems and to live alone.