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Insomnia is a sleep disorder and consists of difficulty in falling asleep or in having a sleep without interruption. The causes of insomnia are different, but the most common problem is related to the body fatigue. But, there is not the case to worry because there are a variety of means and tricks to boost your sleep!
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Causes of insomnia
In general, adults should sleep around 6 - 8 hours on the day. The causes of insomnia are many and can be both, of physical and mental activities, and also of some diseases.
Insomnia may occur in the first place, after some mental efforts (emotions, anger, stress, anxiety, worry) or because of changes (moving to a new house, the beginning of a new course or a new job). Even the environment is one of the causes of sleep disturbance due to loud noises, persistent or extreme temperatures.
Heart disease, digestive problems, breathing, anorexia, arthritis, mental illnesses are include among the causes of insomnia.
Insomnia appears to women during menstruation or during pregnancy, first and last quarter, due to low levels of progesterone. The causes of sleep disorder are: alcohol, nicotine, coffee, cocaine, cannabis, Prozac, unhealthy diet, contraceptive pills or even weakened pills.
Practical and promptly effects of insomnia don't pass unnoticed: fatigue, irascibilitatea, low productivity at work or school, reduced concentration, memory loss and nervousness. These reactions will affect both society and the relationships of the family.
Means and tricks to boost sleep
Very important to remember is that insomnia is related to the quality rather than quantity of sleep.
One of the best of insomnia remedies is homeopathy. If you call the homeopathic remedies you should bear in mind the doses prescribed by the doctor, and when the insomnia disappears, medication should be stopped. The best remedy for insomnia and sleep are those with natural stimulation, but at the same time being incontestable and appropriate.
Here are some tricks to boost sleep:
- Set up your bed and wake times which you will respect strictly, even on holidays;
- ventilate well room before bedtime and make sure the room temperature does not exceed 16 degrees;
- Do not eat unhealthy or too much on evening;
- avoid as much as possible the beverages containing caffeine;
- before bed, drink a cup of tea or warm milk;
- Take a warm bath, not hot;
- Sleep on your back with arms stretched on your sides;
- If you have an office job, do not hesitate to take a ride of about a half hour every night after finishing work program or with two hours before bedtime.
Insomnia can be chronic and short-term. That people, who have insomnia may have trouble of falling asleep. The others may fall asleep easily but wake up to soon. Others may have both troubles and can stay asleep. There are two types of insomnia. First type is comorbid insomnia, it is a side effect of some others problems. Many people are suffered of this type of insomnia. The reason is long-lasting stress, or emotional upset. The best remedy is a good rest and good emotions.
A good remedy for the insomnia is a warm bath with flavor oils, and after that to drink a green tea with lime or better milk with honey. Milk have the estate to calm all the organism and to prepare it for sleep, honey also enrich the organism with minerals and it can resist to all stresses and worries which weary all the organism.
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