Full Version: This winter, are in fashion, the mountain sports.
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Some love the mountain sport, others on the contrary, consider it a pain! Winter mean, besides the joy of winter holidays with your loved ones, traditional dishes, warm, and the relaxation in a mountain mini vacation. Not to get bored, try some mountain sports with friends and family: climbing, skiing, bob or cycling. Movement outdoor strengthen our body and makes us stronger. You are prepared to take up winter cold by practicing a mountain sport?
Skiing is a recreational sport that consists of down on snow on the slopes with skis put on. Skiing is practiced only on snow and only with appropriate equipment. For all beginners, it is recommended first to take a few ski lessons, and after you won stability you can start by doing laps on skis on gentle mountains.
Bob - is a winter sport practiced by teams of 2-4 people in a race on a sinus trail of ice in a vehicle with a speed exceeding 130 km / h. Bob is practiced in 4 sleeves, and at every start crew pushes grain for about 50 meters, then all climbed inside.
The Mountain climbing, involves the rise in the mountains on snow or ice, the escalation to reach to the difficult parts of the mountains. The practice of mountains climbing means boarding with hands, but only with appropriate equipment. The mountains climbing is practiced on mountains with a high or medium altitude, or on cliffs near the sea beaches, on the gorges and canyons walls, on the tall buildings, etc..
Winter sports does not mean only skiing and snow-board, they can only come in addition to other mountain sports that cause adrenaline such as climbing and cycling.
The best way to link social relationships with peers is a booking a weekend in the mountains. Do not sit in cottage! Go on the trail for skiing or participating in a traditional contest of bob, cycling or climbing.