Full Version: London: Flash designer in the city
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Company Description :
Global Interactive Marketing Online, a company that specializes in Online Marketing, Web Sites creation,
and online Games for a portfolio of clients.
Ideal Candidate :
We have an opportunity for a Flash Designer to join our expanding team. You will have the
opportunity to use your creative skills to Online Flash Games under the direction of our creative director.
Requirements :
- Adobe Flash.
- Adobe Illustrator.
- Adobe Photoshop.
Skills :
- Good English .
- French language knowledge is a plus.
Advantages :
- Interesting salary package.
- End of the year Bonus.
- Training to Actionscript and Online Product management.
Important :
- We do not sponsor VISA at this time (We of course accept people under HSMP visa)
- The candidate needs to be able to start as soon as possible.
Pre-Interview instructions :
- The candidate needs to include his portfolio on reply to this ad.
- The candidate needs to attach his resume as well as a cover letter.
- The candidate needs to reply to theses questions and add it to his reply.
a) What is your desired gross salary ?
b) Do you think you are creative enough for designing state of the marketing flash games ?
c) Do you think you can work under the lead of an award winning Creative Director ?
d) Have you ever been working on a Networked Game ?
e) Do you live far from London - EC2 ? (How long to get to EC2)
f) Are you able to travel in the European Union without VISA ?
- The candidate should perform this test and add it to his reply :
This test written by GIMO will help us to narrow our selection to fast thinking, creative
You will design a flash marketing game with 2 Cow Boys (you choose the design style) that are in a Duel, a button "Fire your guns" - The two cow boy then fire, and one of them (that loose) has something funny occuring (gun blowing up, loosing pants, or something else funny !)
a) Choose yourself the actual feeling of the game (between thoses 3) : Super Hero Style, Manga Style or Classic Western Style.
b) Please make sure that even if there is no programming involved, the button "Fire your guns" actually makes an animation occurs.
c) Please try to make some animations in the backgrounds, or some feelings following the theme you used.
- All the pre-interview instructions must be sent to : <!-- e --><a href=""></a><!-- e --> with the reference of the position.
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