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Monster after taking Paracetamol?
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Eva Uhlin, a Swedish of 19 years, saw death with her eyes after she swallowed paracetamol to treat the flu. She made a strong allergic reaction which disfigured her. The disease confined her to bed weeks in a row and took injections of morphine to withstand pain. 15 doctors had consulted her to determine a treatment. Surprising is that the girl had taken paracetamol in the past, but without having any reaction.
According to statistics, a man from one million suffers from Lyell's syndrome, also called Acute epidermal. Is a dermatological condition that leads to detachment of the entire epidermal tissue.
Lyell's syndrome generally occurs to adults, as response to administration of drugs or to children following an infection with staphylococcus. Acute epidermal manifests as quick appearance of redness of the skin, on which appears large blisters filled with liquid that burst quickly and cause painful wounds.
The patient gets an aspect "of boiled". In addition to antibiotics to prevent the risk of sepsis, also provides treatment and rehydration with intravenous infusion.