Full Version: hp officejet 4620 wireless setup
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The print quality is must for each computer printers, sometimes the quality will differ in various reasons. If you are not satisfied the quality of your printed document or photo, then take a test print and compare the below printing image.

If the given issues occurs on your printer, hp officejet 4620 wireless setup

·        Horizontal banding issue

·        Vertical misalignment or banding issue

·        Incorrect or missing colors issue

·        Blurry or smeared printout issue

·        Printer rollers leave unwanted marks on your documents

Then follow the troubleshooting steps for resolving issues.

Horizontal banding issue

·        First you need to check, the paper is face up in the sheet feeder or not.

·        Then Run the “Head Cleaning utility” and “Print Head Alignment utility” for clearing any clogged ink nozzles and paper alignment issues.

·        In your printer software’s main menu (windows) or in the Print dialog box (Mac) select the Mode setting and select “Automatic” for clearing all customized settings.

·        Check the ink cartridge, if it is empty replaces it.