Full Version: Microsoft envisages to launch a "Desktop Telescope"
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It's a kind of software which after being installed will allow you to explore the whole space on your computer. It might become a new obsession for people, for me it's for sure!
Microsoft is what we call "technology", it rules everything, well done :!:
Will it be as buggy as all other MS products?
I wouldn't say that microsoft products are buggy, I think we would have been on a less developed stage of technology, if the Microsoft corporation hadn't established!
Babuin Wrote:Will it be as buggy as all other MS products?
tell me babuin (that's a nice name) have you seen any 100% buggyless software?
it must be very expensive, and also it will require a lot of space on hard disk, the universe is endless...
When will it be available?
hey it's already available, I didn't try yet, here is the link
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