Full Version: Computer Science?
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I am in my second year of college and I want to major in computer science. The thing is I keep on reading about how I won't be able to get a job because of the people overseas. My dad however says that it shouldn't be a problem and computer science majors are in shortage. I really want to go for computer science, but is it true that it will be tough to get a job when I graduate because of all the people overseas?
not necessarily true. You will be highly marketable because of your degree no matter what. There are tons of small, medium and large companies willing to offer entry level jobs for newly graduates. yes there are tons of people overseas, but that is just a small fraction of the workforce.

I work for a large U.S. defense contractor who will only hire U.S. citizens. We have tons of computer science guys here who need DoD. security clearances.

just an example showing that the entire job force cannot be shifted overseas.
Computer Science is one of the most in demand degrees. The field is growing. I dont know where these people get it from that you wont be able to find a job in the US. everything i hear and read says just the opposite.
Also, if you have a strong math background along with it thats a huge plus.