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Euro 2008 - LION - 05-26-2008

Euro 2008 starts on 7 June 2008 Smile ,which country in your opinion will win this year?

Re: Euro 2008 - Andrewz - 05-26-2008

it's very difficult to forecast something in this context, but I consider Russia has a considerable chance in winning the European championship. Its national team is now in a good shape

Re: Euro 2008 - LION - 05-26-2008

How about Italy,don't you think that wining the world cup made them confident in their forces?Or how about Portugal with it young Pele Cristiano Ronaldo ;-)

Re: Euro 2008 - Andrewz - 05-26-2008

Italy's world cup winning was not anything but luck - red card to Zidane, penalty...

I don't think Italy deserved the world cup.
As for Ronaldo, yes, he's good and he will probably score a few points for Portugal, but I can't say whether it can win or not the Euro2008. It's very unpredictable...

Re: Euro 2008 - Terry - 05-29-2008

but it's certainly not Germany which recently made a draw with Belarus - 2:2

Re: Euro 2008 - clearman - 06-03-2008

The "death groupe": Italy, France, Holland, Romania. The winner of this groupe should be the champion! :banghead

Re: Euro 2008 - Terry - 06-03-2008

do you consider the current Italy's title of world champion is fairly earned?

Re: Euro 2008 - LION - 06-04-2008

Terry,why not,it's not like Materati had been punched every match of the world cup :lol:
Italy deserved to win the title,and that incident in the final didn't miraculously bring them the cup ;-)

Re: Euro 2008 - Terry - 06-04-2008

after Ziddane was given the red card, the French team was lacked of confidence. They couldn't play as they played in the beginning of the game. All this might have been a script designed to defeat France.

Re: Euro 2008 - Benn - 06-08-2008

Czech Republic yesterday beat Switzerland 1:0

Re: Euro 2008 - sara - 06-08-2008

i wish italy.

Re: Euro 2008 - Steven - 06-08-2008

no, forget about Italy...

Re: Euro 2008 - sara - 06-08-2008

Steven Wrote:no, forget about Italy...
why?what about u?

Re: Euro 2008 - Terry - 06-08-2008

I would like to have an unexpected winner. It's not interesting when things go on like they should. I mean I would like an underdog to win!

Re: Euro 2008 - clearman - 06-10-2008

I said few days ago that a team from Group C will play the final. Not Italy, Not France, maybe Holland will be the favorite team after 3-0 against Italy. What a shame for azzuri! :mrgreen:

Re: Euro 2008 - Steven - 06-10-2008

haaaa, I told you sara, forget about Italy, the luck doesn't smile them anymore!

Re: Euro 2008 - Benn - 06-10-2008

Would you look at that - World Champions - humiliated! 0:3 by the Netherlands! That's very unexpected. Russia today will face Spain, maybe it can also be unpredictable, although Spain is considered to be much stronger!

Re: Euro 2008 - LION - 06-10-2008

I hope that Spain will breake some russian hearhs today Smile
Russia reached Euro only with the help of Croatia,the football they play is not at this level
What you can say about the draw between Romania and France?Do you think that Romania and Netherlands will go further?

Re: Euro 2008 - Steven - 06-10-2008

Romania showed a nice game with France, but they will have to do their best in the following game with Italy, since Italians are now very mad!

Re: Euro 2008 - clearman - 06-10-2008

Romania is like an Italian team, but Italians woke up after a cold shower. They must win as they will go in the final.
Today Spain:Russia 4:1 No comment :nonnon

Re: Euro 2008 - Terry - 06-11-2008

Russians actually looked like novices in football during this game. They need time to accommodate, but unfortunately they don't have it.

Re: Euro 2008 - Terry - 06-12-2008

Turkey beat Switzerland 2:1. It's a pity, I don't want Turks to go further, they don't deserve it 'cause their team is weak!

Re: Euro 2008 - Benn - 06-13-2008

you know what? Croatia became the leader of Group B, it has 6 points. It's surprising me. They beat yesterday Germany 2:1 and showed a really good game. When I watched the game between England and Croatia (euro2008 qualifying) I thought it was a mere luck that they won, but know I'm beginning to change my opinion.

Re: Euro 2008 - clearman - 06-14-2008

"Buffon saves the buffoons"-The Sun :haha

Re: Euro 2008 - LION - 06-14-2008

Yesterday Romania showed a very nice game,they defended well,had some chances and fully deserved a draw Smile Do you think they will go further?