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Re: Euro 2008 - clearman - 06-14-2008

Maybe, we have to ask van Basten! He knows better. ;-)

Re: Euro 2008 - Faw_Peter - 06-14-2008

I wanted Romania to win! Mutu had such an opportunity at penalty, but... It reminded me the final of Champions League when Ronaldo hadn't scored at penalty

Re: Euro 2008 - clearman - 06-15-2008

If Romania succeed (It's comic, because Italy and France implore The Netherlands to have fair-play :haha ), they'll reach Spain, I suppose :quoi

Re: Euro 2008 - Terry - 06-15-2008

No, Romania can surpass Spain. Romania has 2 points, and Spain has 6 points.

Re: Euro 2008 - clearman - 06-16-2008

Hello Turkey! Good play!

Re: Euro 2008 - Benn - 06-17-2008

guys can you believe that? 2:0 before minute 70, and then 2:3!!!!!!!
Turkey are very aggressive after they score the first time. Everybody know that. But, the 3 goal was OFFSIDE! The referee commited a mistake

Re: Euro 2008 - jenkinson20 - 06-17-2008

Smile Manchester in Fngland

Re: Euro 2008 - Faw_Peter - 06-17-2008

jenkinson20 Wrote:Smile Manchester in Fngland

I'm sorry, what exactly did you mean by writing this post? We know Manchester is in England, and what?

Re: Euro 2008 - Terry - 06-17-2008

Romania and Austria - go home. Austria yesterday lost to Germany, and just now ended the match between Romania and Netherlands 0:2 . That's a pity.

Re: Euro 2008 - Steven - 06-18-2008

Russia beat Sweden 2:0. Nobody expected that. So it's qualified in 1/4 finals

Re: Euro 2008 - andreson - 06-20-2008

I GUESS, nerderlands will be the champion, cus they are in form. v. persie is there, robben, kuyt etc. they will try their best and win it, up nederlands!

Re: Euro 2008 - Steven - 06-20-2008

Netherlands are good, I'm not denying it, even more - they are considered to be favorites by bookmakers. But, they might be tired because up to now they showed very good games (f.e. Italy -3:0).

Re: Euro 2008 - Vadim - 06-21-2008

Yes! Yes! Yes! yes! :mrgreen: :yahoo
Netherlands 0-1 Russia

Re: Euro 2008 - Vadim - 06-21-2008

:yahoo :yahoo :yahoo :yahoo :yahoo

Netherlands 1-3 Russia

Re: Euro 2008 - Benn - 06-23-2008

Yesterday Spain beat Italy. They played 120 minutes with NO GOALS! At penalties Casilla proved to be a very good goalkeeper and it brought victory to Spain. Spain will play with Russia. How do you think what are going to be the results? Has the Russian coach changed something since the first game with Spain (1:4)? Can Russia win now?

Re: Euro 2008 - Faw_Peter - 06-24-2008

If all Russia's matched were fair, they can beat Spain, 'cause I consider Netherlands to be stronger than Spain. By the way, did you know that the Russian coach is Dutch? All the Dutches now want Russia to win! Good luck to them

Re: Euro 2008 - Benn - 06-24-2008

Bookmakers appreciate the teams by the following odds:
Germany: 2.4
Spain: 2.5
Russia: 3.5
Turkey: 13.00

As you can see, Turkey is considered to be the underdog.

Re: Euro 2008 - Terry - 06-25-2008

Today - the first 1/2 final: Turkey - Germany!
This is the most important day for Turkish football history.
The coach believes they can win. They proved their power in the game with Croatia - last minute - goal!!

Re: Euro 2008 - Steven - 06-26-2008

Turkey lost 2:3 and today Russia lost 0:3!!!!!!!!!!
That was a total defeat, I didn't like the way they were playing, something happened to them, they were tired...

Re: Euro 2008 - Benn - 06-26-2008

No Steven, you can't blame tiredness for their defeat. They had 3 days to rest, that's enough. Their coach simply didn't find an efficient scheme for beating Spain.

Re: Euro 2008 - Steven - 06-27-2008

oh but he put so much effort for that. Anyway, they played better than they did it in the first time (1:4)

Re: Euro 2008 - Benn - 06-28-2008

Average bookmaker odds for tomorrow:
Germany - 3.30
Draw - 3.10
Spain - 2.25

So Spain is the favourite.

Re: Euro 2008 - Terry - 06-29-2008

Guys, IT'S OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fernando Torres beat the only goal of the match and brought the victory to its team! HURRAAAAAAAAYYYYYYY!!!!!!!
Their last European Championship victory was in 1964 - 44 years ago!

Re: Euro 2008 - Faw_Peter - 07-01-2008

Yes, they deserved the winning! Everybody, even Germans, agree with that. Take a look at these pictures of joy!

Re: Euro 2008 - Benn - 07-01-2008

nice pictures Peter. Today the heroes returned home to Spain. They were met by 150 thousand people, surrounding the bus they had been travelling in across Madrid.