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Cold risks - Laurentine - 12-19-2009

Lack of sleep:
A study shows that people who get less than seven hours of sleep at night have a three times higher risk of catching a cold than people who sleep eight hours or more.
Do you know other risks that increases cold?

Re: Cold risks - Lorry - 12-20-2009

Yes I am agree with such an affirmation because any people should rest 8 hours per day and should keep its immunity system in a good measure, by eating different kinds of fruits and vegetables which are rich in vitamins and minerals very useful for the health.

Re: Cold risks - Martin - 12-21-2009

Just getting outside is already a risk to get a cold. Because of the blast and cold air our immune system is exposed to the risk of getting a cold. So, first of all and the best remedy is good wearing and having a handkerchief because there is also the risk to get a cold from another bearer.