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Learn to treat cold at home!!! - M.Helen - 01-18-2010

Sore throat, stuffy nose, muscle pain, cough, fever, are symptoms quite common in this period. In addition to the treatment recommended by a specialist, the cold symptoms may be ameliorated and by few simple methods. Although it is said that a cold lasts about a week, we all want to get rid of unpleasant symptoms as soon as possible. If are light colds, little tricks followed at home can do wonders.

Re: Learn to treat cold at home!!! - M.Helen - 01-18-2010

Remember though, that your doctor is the appropriate person to recommend a treatment. Do not take drugs "by ear", to avoid possible complications.

1. Drink plenty of liquids. Symptoms of colds and flu can lead to dehydration, so try to drink plenty of liquids. Water, fruit or vegetable juices, soups, teas, all of these can help in fight with the cold. Is recommended as much as possible to avoid beverages containing caffeine, because they have a diuretic effect. Herbal teas sweetened with a little honey can help you get rid of the neck pain.