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new comer - Skagford - 10-31-2017

Skagford here as a new member from California. Wanna say hi to everyone. Hope to see warm welcome from board members. REally happy to join and looking for quick replies.  :Big Grin  Hope there will be active participation to make me happy to stay connected with you all.

RE: new comer - Seren - 11-11-2017

Hello, Skagford, It is really nice to see that you are a new member here from the California. I am Seren from the Texas and I am loving to say you welcome here. I am hopeful that you will enjoy really a good time here. So, welcome on the board. Do you like to share something about your hobbies?

RE: new comer - Skagford - 11-14-2017

It's really great to see your welcome post here. Really happy to have you here. If I talk about my hobbies then must say make new friends and talk with them about beauties of this world. I love to read about different regions and nations. Anyway, what about you?

RE: new comer - Seren - 11-15-2017

Skagford, First of all, I am happy to see that you liked my welcome posts. Secondly, If you talk about the hobbies than travelling is a nice way to have a fun time. I also love to enjoy travel. In fact, I make travelling plans on each weekend to enjoy with family or friends to make my life filled with stories.

RE: new comer - Colton - 01-15-2018

Skagford, being a new member of this board would like to say welcome you here. hope you will enjoy a good time period through sharing and getting experience from different corners of the life. I am keen to see your more replies here regarding different topics. So stay connected with all of us.

RE: new comer - Kiven Kya - 01-16-2018

Skagford! I am happy after seeing you as a new member here. I must say that welcome to you here from my side. Like you, I am also a newbie here and really happy after join this community. By the way, for running the conversation, you share your interest list here. I mean to say that share your hobbies names here.

RE: new comer - Seren - 02-02-2018

Colon and Kinev Kya, It is nice to know that both of you members also liked to say welcome to Skagford on this community. I am full of hope that he will like these welcome replies and make a quick reply here. Anyways, Guys, What do you say about your hobbies?

RE: new comer - Kayla - 02-08-2018

Kinev Kya! Nice to see you here and love to say that I am a new member of this board. I have joined this forum a few months ago but not participate here properly. Here I love to say you welcome and quite sure that you will like my greetings here.