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Lisbon Oceanarium - Skagford - 11-07-2017

I wanna go to see Lisbon Oceanarium in next month to have some time there during my travel time. What do you think guys should I go for it or not? I am keen to read more about it and wanna know what to see there which attract the visitors a lot? Moreover, must tell me is it true its largest indoor aquarium in Europe?

RE: Lisbon Oceanarium - Seren - 11-11-2017

Skagford, It is really good that you are going to enjoy your time at Lisbon Oceanarium. I am hopeful that will be really a good time for you. It is the largest Indoor Aquarium in the Europe. You can see there Whales, Fishes, Starfishes and such kind of Sea World to have a fun time. So, go ahead and enjoy.

RE: Lisbon Oceanarium - Skagford - 11-14-2017

Well, after reading your post it seems to me going to have fun in a great way. will make to spend 3 to 4 hours there. What will you say will it enough or more than enough? I am here to read more from your side and would like to see about its opening hours. Hope you will have something informative to share more about it.

RE: Lisbon Oceanarium - Seren - 11-15-2017

Skagford, I think 3 to 4 hours will be enough for you to spend inside the Lisbon Oceanarium to have a fun time. It is really a good place and I am sure in this time you will see all of the animals and have a great time So, go ahead. If you need any sort of information about it than you can ask me freely.

RE: Lisbon Oceanarium - Colton - 01-15-2018

Lisbon Oceanarium is a great place for having an amazing time at Portugal with kids. I really like to go there with my family kids more and more and enjoy the sea life with them. Seren you are right 3 to 4 hours is enough to spend a good time there cause I had enjoyed 3 hours there last time.

RE: Lisbon Oceanarium - Seren - 02-02-2018

Colton, You are right that Lisbon Oceanarium is really a nice place to visit with kids and have a fun time. Anyways, Buddy, I will like to know about the other attractions of Lisbon which are appealing to you and you like to be around them again and again to have a fun time. Do you talk here something about them?

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