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Colton is here - Colton - 01-13-2018

[Image: animated-hello-image-0062.gif]
This is Colton in between you who belong from London. its a nice thing for me to here and will like to say that so sure will spend the best time period with all of you here. I am a traveler and would like to talk about traveling with all of you. So let me know what will you like to say about this passion?

RE: Colton is here - Kiven Kya - 01-16-2018

Hello, Colton! You say hello to all the members of this community in such a nice and stylish way. I really like your way of saying hello. By the way, I would like to say
[Image: animated-welcome-image-0291.gif]

RE: Colton is here - Colton - 01-17-2018

I am just so glad to know that you have welcomed me on this board. I am very happy about this and would like to know from you something about your hometown. Would you like to share something about this with all of us?

RE: Colton is here - Seren - 01-20-2018

Hello, Colton, It is good to see that you are a new member of the community. I am Seren and Being a part of this forum, I am going to say you warmly welcome here. I am hopeful that it will be truly a nice time for you to stay connected here. So, stay in touch and enjoy the time.

RE: Colton is here - Kiven Kya - 01-25-2018

Colton! Good to know that you like my welcome post and happy after seeing my welcome post. Anyhow, you asked me about my hometown. So I would like to say that I belong from the USA. New York is that city which I am lives. But due to my traveling passion, I visit various kind of places so every time I move here and there.

RE: Colton is here - Seren - 02-01-2018

Kiven Kya, I think this is something nice as you welcome Colton on this community as he is a newbie here. Well, I read in your post that you are from the New York. I would love to know from you the best thing of New York which is always appealing for you. Do you like to mention that here?