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What is SharePoint Migration? - Akshay_M - 06-18-2021

SharePoint Migration is a process of moving all your content and existing solutions that are residing in your existing SharePoint or file share to a new or an existing environment with generally, a newer version.

A business opts for migrating to or between versions of SharePoint for a variety of reasons and one of the primary reasons among these is for reaping the benefits associated with the latest features and collaboration and productivity tools that come along with the new version. The SharePoint Migration choice completely depends on your business needs, strategies and direction.

Types of SharePoint Migration
Your organization can choose one of the following options that suit you the best based on your collaboration needs and budget.

Sticking to SharePoint On-PremisesYou can decide to stay loyal with SharePoint On-Premises especially when you do not intend to change solution architecture, collaboration model and IT infrastructure and plan to continue with your solution without much changes for years. With this option, you need not bother about the compliance and data security much as your company data will be residing within your company premises. You can keep on upgrading your SharePoint version with Microsoft-supported upgrade methods to satisfy user’s growing demands.
Benefits of Migrating to SharePoint On-Premises

It offers a more robust solution to protect your sensitive business data.
It preserves customizations specific to your business needs.
Limitations of Migrating to SharePoint On-Premises

It needs a physical server, hardware infrastructure and dedicated budget and staff for maintenance.
Direct migrations by skipping several SharePoint versions can be tricky.
Additional efforts are needed to experience the look & feel offered by the features that are available with the new version.
Certain benefits such as home sites, hub sites and SharePoint Spaces available in SharePoint Online are not available even in the latest SharePoint On-Premises version.
Going for SharePoint OnlineBeing a Cloud-based solution, SharePoint Online offers businesses all the benefits associated with the Cloud including anytime-anywhere availability, hassle-free maintenance and significant cost-savings. It relieves you from the burden and cost of maintaining your hardware infrastructure and staff and frees you from the timely maintenance in terms of upgrades. Thus, it’s ideal for businesses with smaller budgets and those which don’t need significant customizations.
Benefits of Migrating to SharePoint Online

It’s a significantly cost-effective option with no up-front cost for infrastructure and staff.
Ideal for organizations that don’t have a dedicated team to manage SharePoint Implementations.
Offers all the Cloud-related benefits including automatic version updates, enhanced collaboration, hassle-free external user management, cost-effectivity and certain features that will never be available on On-Premises versions like PowerApps, Delve, Flow and Microsoft Graph.
Limitations of Migrating to SharePoint Online

With significant functional differences, you need to dismiss your MySites (if you have any as a SharePoint On-Premises user) or reorganize them into SharePoint sites.
In case of any extra-sensitive information, companies may feel less secure to store it on Cloud.
Limited customization capabilities as compared to SharePoint On-Premises.
Some users may find an ongoing monthly subscription burdensome as compared to a one-time investment.

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