Poll: Should Turkey join the EU?
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Should Turkey join the EU?
First, they state that Turkey's culture and values are different from those of the European Union as a whole. They point out that Turkey's 99.8% Muslim population is too different from Christian-based Europe. However, the EU makes the case that the EU is not a religion-based organization, Turkey is a secular (a non-religion-based government) state, and that 12 million Muslims currently live throughout the European Union. Nonetheless, the EU acknowledges that Turkey needs to "Substantially improve respect for the rights of non-Muslim religious communities to meet European standards."

Secondly, Turkey might have problems is its non-recognition of Cyprus, a full-fledged member of the European Union. Turkey will have to acknowledge Cyprus to be considered a contender for membership.

Additionally, many are concerned about the rights of Kurds in Turkey. The Kurdish people have limited human rights and there are accounts of genocidal activities that need to stop for Turkey to be considered for European Union membership.

Finally, some are concerned that Turkey's large population would alter the balance of power in the European Union. After all, Germany's population (the largest country in the EU) is only at 82 million and declining. Turkey would be the second largest country (and perhaps eventually the largest with its much higher growth rate) in the EU and would have considerable influence in the European Union. This influence would be especially profound in the population-based European Parliament.


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I voted "No", but I mean "No, not right now". I think both the EU and Turkey could benifit from a Turkey membership, but I don't think Turkey is ready to join yet because of the reasons already discussed in this topic. I don't think EU is ready to take in Turkey either. The EU should focus on how the make the Union work with 27 members before they consider taking in new members. The EU is a changing project, and even Turkey should ask themselves "What is the EU right now? And do we want to join?"
As a Greek,i am not sure whether Turkey should join the E.U or not.I supose that our bilateral relations might be improved.Of course,there are several problems that Europe should concider.For instance,the political and economic power of the turkish generals should be controlled,these people are very powerful.Certain problems of human rights violation should also be resolved.The human rights of the kurdish minority (12 millions Kurds in Turkey) should also be respected.Right now there is a guerilla war in south eastern Turkey with many casualties from both sides.

Also,the illegal occupation of north Cyprus should be over.The occupation of n.Cyprus has been condemned by the U.N several times as far as i know.Also,the Turks constantly violate the greek airspace and territorial waters and turkish chauvinists often claim half of Aegean islands and north eastern Greece (region of western Thraki) for Turkey.

I cannot understand why on earth Turkey should have such gigantic armed forces (the turkish army is the second biggest army of NATO) and why they spent such huge ammounts of money in order to buy new weapons.They have recently ordered about one hundred fourth generation american made aircrafts F-35,each one of them costs more than one hundred millions dollars as far as i know.One of the reasons of the current greek economic crisis is the fact that we are forced to spent huge ammounts of money for our armed forces in order to face the Turkish agression.

We should also not forget about certain crimes of turkish nationalists against neighboring people such as the Greeks,Armenians,Assyrians,Syriacs,Kurds etc which have costed plenty of lives during the previous century.

In my opinion,there are serious problems that Turkey should resolve if ever possible.In general,i am sure that this country does not deserve to become a member of our European family but like many Greeks i hope that if they ever will join they will somehow become less agressive and imperialistic.
Stefan Wrote:
abdulkadir Wrote:Turky shouldnot have to join EU cuz they r muslim country since they r muslim country they dont have to join Christian countries they have to join muslim countries
EU are not Christian countries, EU are countries where people have the freedom to choose what to believe and what not to believe.

I am also turkish citizen But I would like to congratulate you cause of comment .That is really true ...Eu are countries where people have the freedom to choose what to believe and what not to believe ;-)
Ventimille Wrote:Well, Turkey already is an EU candidate country. Therefor, I expect they join eventually.
They can not stay in EU waiting room forever.

They could be rejected as was Morocco.

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