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Laser Tattoo Removal

The removal of unwanted tattoo with a laser. Laser is considered as the most effective tattoo removal procedure.
 [b]How does laser remove tattoos?[/b]
The Laser emits short pulses of energy which pass through the skin without cuts and are selectively absorbed by the tattoo pigments. The high intensity laser energy breaks the pigments into smaller fragments which is then flushed through the lymphatic system.
[b]Is the treatment painful? Is it safe? How long will the treatment take?[/b]
Tattoo removal is said to have a certain level of pain to it but usually reported to be lesser than what the patient had expected.
Topical anesthetics are applied to ensure comfort throughout the entire procedure. Laser tattoo removal is safe and is the most effective tattoo removal procedure.
[b]How many treatments will I need to see results and how long will it stay?[/b]
Generally 3-10 laser tattoo removal sessions are expected to remove a tattoo completely. Treatments are scheduled 4-6 weeks apart. The number of laser tattoo removal sessions will depend on the color of ink & tattoo size, skin color and location of the tattoo. Tattoo removal is permanent and promises that tattoo will get lighter the least.

[Image: Laser-Tattoo-Removal.jpg]

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