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Have you ever heard the following phrase: ”I’m not doing it, because I’m not talented like him”. But Stanley Franker, Dutch Davis Cup Coach, when answering the question:”What makes the top elite fifty players?” said: “Be highly motivated. Talent doesn’t get you anywhere”. Other coaches answered the same question this way: “One hundred percent dedication”; “Determination and good attitude”.

So it's vital to understand this! If you have a talent, it doesn’t mean you achieved or will achieve something in life. You need to be not just motivated, but highly motivated. And motivation is related to such qualities as dedication, determination and attitude. If you have a talent, that’s fine! But you would need to embrace those qualities too, to make a difference in your life.
What I think is that, a talent is the ability to express your "one hundred percent dedication and maintaining yourself highly-motivated"
Very good!
So the question is:"How should you start getting there?" (here the word "there" means your goal in life).
You would need something that often people easily take for granted, namely - determination. I prefer synonyms TENACITY, FORTITUDE and GUTS to the word DETERMINATION. So, why this is so important to have the fortitude? Because, in the beginning, you would need "to break the ice". And breaking the ice (making a start) it's the most difficult thing than anyone could imagine.

Next, you would need to stay the course. And here, to clarify the issue, we will use other synonym to the word determination, which is ”SINGLE MINDEDNESS”. And that’s exactly what, Faw_Peter, so brilliantly referred to , though expressed in other words.
Do you think talent may be revealed at any age? Should his average/old age discourage a person? In sports, for example, I there are many talented people the physical state of whom is particularly good for one or another sport. But, what really hurts is the fact that very talent and ability in being good at a certain sport is discovered by 20 years. 20 years for sports means too old. Training should be started at the age of 6.
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I somehow agreed with your thought here, as if you only have the talent but you were never polished it, then it won't get you further...

However, if you know how to use the gifted talent and applied it on the apporiate field, then you'll have a bright future...
the dictionary gives the definition of talent as "innate ability, aptitude, or faculty, esp when unspecified; above average ability". I think a talent does not actually exist. It's a word invented by weaklings who can't motivate another person's success but with talent.
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I'm not agree with such affirmation because just possessing some talent you can find a good job and can earn big moneys. There are a lot of people who have the talent to sing, write books, invent something useful or doing other things and having these talents they could come on the big screens.

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