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Oily fish 'can halt eye disease'
People with age-related macular degeneration (AMD) should eat oily fish at least twice a week to keep their eye disease at bay, say scientists.<!-- m --><a class="postlink" href=""></a><!-- m -->
What do you think this is true?
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These findings appear to be consistent with previous research that has shown that eating omega 3 poly-unsaturated fats as part of a balanced diet may help prevent the development of age-related macular degeneration
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I think that people should respect all that is indicated by the doctors but not to think that will take great effect! their bodies already tissues do not renew so quickly that in younger ages, but worth the try! I would generally advise people to eat more fish because it is very useful for our body

Not only It can Cure This Eyes Disease there are many Benefits Of Fish Oil This i Wan't to share With You this are as Follows :
Research studies show fish oil benefits are down right amazing.

And knowing this is the second most important thing you can do for your health. (We'll get to #1 in importance soon.)

Studies are published almost daily as the scientific community discovers more and more of the many extraordinary omega 3 fish oil benefits.

If you haven't already been swept up in the net yet, here are 7 proven omega 3 benefits you should know about.

1. Less Pain and Inflammation. Omega 3 fatty acids, particularly EPA, have a very positive effect on your inflammatory response. Through several mechanisms, they regulate your body's inflammation cycle, which prevents and relieves painful conditions like arthritis, prostatitis, cystitis and anything else ending in "itis."

2. Cardiovascular Health. Omega 3 fatty acids have also been proven to work wonders for your heart and the miles and miles of arteries and veins that make up your cardiovascular system. They help to lower cholesterol, tryglicerides, LDLs and blood pressure, while at the same time increasing good HDL cholesterol. This adds years to your life expectancy.

3. Protection from Stroke and Heart Attack. When plaque builds up on arterial walls and then breaks loose, it causes what's known as a thrombosis, which is a fancy way of saying clot. If a clot gets stuck in the brain, it causes a stroke and when it plugs an artery, it causes a heart attack. Research shows omega 3 fatty acids break up clots before they can cause any damage.

4. Better Brain Function and Higher Intelligence. Pregnant and nursing mothers can have a great impact on the intelligence and happiness of their babies by supplementing with fish oil. For adults, omega 3 improves memory, recall, reasoning and focus. You'll swear you're getting younger and smarter.

5. Less Depression and Psychosis. Making you smarter is not all omega 3 does for your brain. Psychiatry department researchers at the University of Sheffield, along with many other research studies, found that omega 3 fish oil supplements "alleviate" the symptoms of depression, bipolar and psychosis (Journal of Affective Disorder Vol. 48(2-3);149-55).

6. Lower Incidence of Childhood Disorders. Just to show how fish oil fatty acids leave nobody out, studies show that children (and adults) with ADD and ADHD experience a greatly improved quality of life. And those with dyslexia, dyspraxia and compulsive disorders have gotten a new lease on life thanks to omega 3 oils.

7. Reduction of Breast, Colon and Prostate Cancer. And finally, omega 3 fish oil has been shown to help prevent three of the most common forms of cancer – breast, colon and prostate. Science tells us that omega 3s accomplish this in three ways. They stop the alteration from a normal healthy cell to a cancerous mass, inhibiting unwanted cellular growth and causing apoptosis, or cellular death, of cancer cells.

I did not know that is so useful for body. It seems that I still do not know many things. And yet what is better to eat or to use fish oil? You know so much about this maybe you can answer...?! Smile
“The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about.”
A really nice forum for Parisians

Yes, it's true because oily fish contains Omega-3 acids which slow and even halt the progress of both early and late stage of eye disease. It's great because we can treat such serious disease just tasting fish, nothing else, no medications or other chemicals. The nature gives us natural medications to treat different kind ans stage of disease.

Oily fish is not the only product containing omega 3 fatty acids. Hemp and flax oil, walnuts, as well as kelp and spirulina are great sources of omega 3 fatty acids. And these sources do not contain poisonous heavy metals like mercury.

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