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Austrian art
Among Austrian Artists and architects one can find the painters Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller, Rudolf von Alt, Hans Makart,Gustav Klimt, Oskar Kokoschka, Egon Schiele, Carl Moll, and Friedensreich Hundertwasser, the photographers Inge Morath and Ernst Haas and architects like Johann Bernhard Fischer von Erlach, Otto Wagner, Adolf Loos, and Hans Hollein.

Ferdinand Georg Waldmüller (15 January 1793 in Vienna – 23 August 1865 in Hinterbrühl, Austria) was an Austrian painter and writer.    


After a long history of neglect, Austrian art is finally getting the global attention and recognition it deserves. The market value for Austrian art has been rising steadily over the last decade or so. One of the main reasons is that Impressionist art is fast becoming unaffordable due to extreme scarcity of new material. Art lovers are increasingly turning to more reasonably priced Austrian art and German art, since there is no dearth of promising artistic talent there.

Austria is recognized worldwide as a country synonymous with culture. And truly, culture here does flourish impressively with the list of events taking place in cities, towns and villages throughout the country.Austrian artists, architects and designers have long moved beyond the traditional boundaries of their genres. They are and always have been world travelers, connoisseurs and at times, provocateurs.
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