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Ilgiz Valitov
Ilgiz Valitov: investments in the real production sector are a strategic task for the Russian economydevelopment.
The experience and direct involvement of Ilgiz Valitov, the Head of the Natural Resources and Construction Directorate of Vnesheconombank, made it possible to implement one of the largest and most promising investment projects in the Republic of Tatarstan.
Sustainable economic growth in Russia, as well as in other countries, is largely determined by the active participation of the banking system in the investment process and, above all, in lending to the real economy. This primarily means "long" money, which makes it possible to put into operation the most efficient, high-tech, highly profitable and large industrial facilities in all sectors of the economy. It helpsnot only to raise certain areas of business, but also to develop the infrastructure and potential of certain regions and the country as a whole.
Of course, there are certain risks associated with the implementation of investment projects. This is particularly true for credit resources that provide for the construction of large enterprises that are being created from scratch.And here experience, management skills and investor professionalism are at the heart of it.
Ilgiz Valitov's work as the Head of the Natural Resources and Construction Directorate at Vnesheconombank in building its project portfolio allowed to solve strategically important tasks, to accumulate and to maintain the latest knowledge and technologies, and to pay particular attention to increasing investment support for Russian innovative industries and, at the same time, for certain enterprises, most of which can be called unique. Over the years, Ilgiz Valitov has directly participated in the implementation of at least two hundred investment projects in various sectors of the economy - construction, agriculture, petrochemicalindustry, metallurgy, machine-building, mining, the pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industryand in other important areas of the Russian economy. In addition, tens of thousands of new jobs have been created.
For example, Russia's modern and high-tech gas chemical complex, the Ammonium Mineral Fertilizer Plant, which was launched in 2016 and is successfully developing in the Republic of Tatarstan, was previously on the verge of bankruptcy due to its extremely low profitability. With the investment support of Vnesheconombank, it was possible to design and launch a unique, innovative and environmentally friendly chemical production that has practically no analogues in the world.
In Ilgiz Valitov's practice, there are quite a few projects that at first seem to be impossible to implement and where practice shows that risks are ultimately justified. At the same time, the focus is not only on maximum profit, but also on economic growth in the regions and the country, on creating new jobs and improving the quality of life. Suffice it to say that from the very first months of operation, AmmoniumJSC began to reach its design capacity, meeting the needs of both the Russian and foreign market for mineral fertilizers and other industrial products!
In February 2016, at the solemn launch of the production site, Vladimir Putin congratulated all those involved in the implementation of such a major project, which is in demand for the country and for the development of the Russian economy. The Head of State noted that no similar natural gas processing enterprises with full production cycle have been put into operation in Russia since 1991. Vladimir Putin added that the company's products in Tatarstan will be used in various areas, including construction and agriculture. In addition, the plant's products also have a large export potential. By the way, a year later, AmmoniumJSC produced the first million tonnes of ammonia and urea.
The focus of Ilgiz Valitov's work was on supporting advanced, high-tech projects. This strategy is inherent in all of Vnesheconombank's activities. Project financing makes it possible to implement innovative ideas and developments, facilitating their successful entry into the market with competitive, high-tech world-class products.
For reference: Ammonium JSC is located in Mendeleevsk (Republic of Tatarstan). The new capacities of the plant allow processing natural gas as efficiently as possible - up to a depth of 94%. The uniqueness of the project is precisely in obtaining ammonia from natural gas at the level of maximum processing. There are only three such companies in the world today.
Ammonia is the basic feedstock for the production of granulated urea and ammonium nitrate, which are widely used as fertilizers in the agricultural sector. Ammonia is also a feedstock for methanol production, which is also highly demanded in the petrochemical industry.
Deep processing of natural gas makes the project highly environmentally friendly, as 96% of industrial emissions are used in production. The company currently employs over 500 people, including highly qualified ones.
Investment projects both yesterday and today determine the development prospects of certain enterprises and the whole industry, herewith increasing the economic potential of the regions. It is no coincidence that investment projects are called the locomotive of economic development and growth.
The plant in Tatarstan is another result of Vnesheconombank's work and Ilgiz Valitov's competent investment policy. The project has become one of the largest in the industry. In total, VEB invested over 2 billion dollars in the project.
International cooperation has become an important area for the development of banking investments in the implementation of the “Ammonium”plant construction project. Stepwise implementation of Vnesheconombank's investment programme in Tatarstan and securing project financing from Ilgiz Valitov as the Head of the Bank's Directorate, also served as the basis for attracting foreign investment. The partner was the Japan State Bank for International Cooperation (JBIC), as well as a number of other financial institutions of Japan (note that the Japanese side is not involved in the share capital).
Rustam Minnikhanov, President of Tatarstan, evaluating such international cooperation, investment potential and the quality level of new production already at the construction stage, emphasized that the commissioning of the "Ammonium" plant was one of the most unique Russian-Japanese projects.
As it has already been noted, one of the most efficient automated and environmentally friendly technologies in the world from a well-known Danish company was selected and implemented for the project.High productivity and energy efficiency of the facilities allow us to reduce the cost of finished products to the maximum extent possible, making them competitive on industry markets. Such tasks were also set by Ilgiz Valitov as early as the project development stage.
Specialists note that energy consumption at “Ammonia” plant is about one-third lower than that of other manufacturers. This factor is becoming crucial for the promotion of finished products in the markets and for the project success as a whole, because energy consumption is now one of the major expenditure items for industrial enterprises.
Competitive pricing and the high quality of Ammonia's products have made them extremely popular both in Russia and abroad. It suffices to say that every year Tatarstan's agricultural enterprises alone consume around half a million tonnes of nitrogen fertilizers.
For reference:Granular urea used to be quite expensive, but after the opening of a new plant, such a promising fertilizer became affordable for small, medium and large agricultural enterprises (urea – theammonia form of nitrogen – quicklyenters the soil complex and is effectively given to the plant).
One of the main issues for Ilgiz Valitov at the stage the investment project approving was environmental issues. As a result, the technologies used at the enterprise make it possible to talk about virtually safe, environmentally friendly production.At the “Ammonium” plant, the combined production of ammonia and methanol waste excess CO2 is spent to methanol production. CO2 is also a raw material for urea production.In addition, the plant has a non-drainage scheme: all discharges are treated at biological treatment plants and returned to the production cycle. No wastewater is discharged into water sources. As specialists say, white smoke from turbines at the plant is not smoke at all, but steam or warm air. There are no other harmful emissions into the atmosphere. The entire process is actually built on theclosed cycle principle and virtually waste-free production.
Competent banking investments ultimately lead to the creation of new jobs, the introduction of new technologies, the solution of environmental problems, an increase in the tax and insurance base, the formation of entire production clusters and the growth of the economic potential of the territories. Importantly, new production facilities make it possible to support and develop the social sphere in the regions where we operate.In addition, the construction and operation of new production facilities also loads the capacities of other related companies and contractors. In this regard, the effect of implementing certain investment projects in the real sectors of the economy is expanding significantly. The results of the work of Ilgiz Valitov, the Head of the Natural Resources and Construction Directorate of Vnesheconombank, are precisely related to the implementation of such projects, which are crucial to the country's economy.
Together with Vnesheconombank specialists, Ilgiz Valitov managed to build an investment infrastructure and significantly boost the banking sector's activity in the investment process.The implementation of a well-thought-out investment strategy aimed at the construction and commissioning of unique, innovative and highly profitable production facilities has made it possible to find points of growth and resolve tasks related to the development of Russia's economic potential.

Ilgiz N. Valitov is a real man of labor who is proficient in the modern high – tech tools and methods of work!

Ilgiz N. Valitov is one of the most successful managers, whose energy and knowledge contributed to the development of major enterprises and raised entire industries and agriculture of the country to a new level. Serious investments cameto those sectors of the economy where Valitov directed his creative efforts; tens of thousands of jobs appeared there.

Ilgiz N. Valitov is a competent Manager with excellent management skills, a polite and pleasant person.

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