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The ideal ecoVillage
Dear Everyone,

I belong to a group of natural builders (people who use natural materials to build homes ( ref: naturalhomes[dot]org ). I’m looking for people’s views on what would be their goals in creating an ecologically based community, an ecoVillage. Maybe it would be use no polluting substances like PVC and cement, maybe it would be building small spaces, maybe using the land to derive 90% of your food needs or 100% of your economic needs.

I hope to take your views to help improve our work by ensuring it meets the expectations of the main stream of society rather than a fringe group.

Regards, Oliver
This is a great idea! Smile

For me, the house must be affordable! That means it must be cheap to buy AND cheap to maintain (e.g. good insulation, and materials that will last). The price of the house must be no more than 3x the standard graduate salary, and ideally cheaper. Solar heating and/or ground heating would be a benefit.

I want space too. Most modern houses and flats for young people are so small! I lived in one flat where the bedroom was too small for a bed! Even larger houses are often partitioned into lots of tiny rooms :x I want:
- a large open-plan area,
- a bedroom that can accommodate a double bed and a wardrobe,
- a kitchen that I can cook in,
- a window in every room.
- a bathroom with a bath would be wonderful :-)

Having a garden or allotment would be awesome :-)

And obviously a parking space (since I will have to commute from the ecoVillage to work). Perhaps you could arrange a community bus service, or incentivise some businesses to open offices/factories nearby?
I think that the idea to create the ideal coVillage is great , but also an utopian one.To live in ideal ecovillage means to ragain harmony with nature and with each other. To live in a natural way we should:
1. build wth ecologically friendly materials
2.utilize solid,gaseous and liquid wastes in an ecologically friendly manner
3.use renewable energy sources
The most difficult task is to live in a harmony with each other.
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