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artificial hand which "feels"
Italian and French researchers have invented an artificial hand which "feels"!!! Researchers have developed a prosthetic electrode connected to the patient's nervous system. Man can feel the object which touch and can control the hand ... with the power of thought. Confuseduper Confuseduper

If it is true then the husband of my friend will surely be happy. He lost his hand in the battle when he was on the service.

Another case: the scientisrs from Tel-Avi University held successful operation resulted an artificial hand was connected to the living nerves of patient, he can control not movements only but also he can feel the touch of objects. Can you imagine how happy the patient is,he feels the muscles on his hand what he doesn't use for many years! Such a discovery will make many people with disabilities very happy!))

That was absolutely a wonderful story shared here by author. Approaching the bear, my god i was literally shocked when i have read this initially. And i would love to include it in my blogs to let every one know about my feelings.

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