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Common Relationship Problems??

If you cannot communicate there is a problem. A lot of relationship problems occur because the 2 parties cannot talk to each other. The way you talk or don’t talk to someone can cause great distress and tension. You find that one party may be aggressive and intrusive in their communication style causing the other party to withdraw or refusing to talk altogether. Some people try to get the problem solved my using emotions such anger or sadness as a weapon of manipulation against the other person. Have you ever heard the expression, turn off the waterworks or I can’t take it when you cry. Well that is exactly what the other person does to generate a response. Some people use name-calling and insults to describe the person instead of discussing their problematic behavior. If this is where your relationship problems stem from try these things. The two parties have to learn to improve their communication skills by first off taking a breath before speaking. Waiting until both can sit down without distraction to discuss the situation. Point out the good points in the relationship first before addressing the relationship problems. Don’t verbally attack your partner use constructive issues for the problems at hand. Try to come up with a solution that satisfies both parties and without putting blame or guilt on one another for the relationship problems.
Another big relationship problem is lack of partner support. This is a real relationship killer. A good relationship is based on give and take and mutual support. If you don’t have this it is very difficult for a relationship to thrive. One thing is to keep in mind both of you have needs and they should be balanced. Relying on your partner for everything may put too much pressure on them and be unrealistic. There are things that you can handle on your own and things you can’t. Explain your needs and expectations in the beginning to avoid arguments, and don’t expect your partner to be a mind reader. Cleary explain where and when you need support so you partner knows what you need and let them do the same. Allow for second chances because no one is perfect. If you needs are never met or it is one sided then that is a signal that the problems are very serious.

Thanks for reading

In any relationship are problems, maybe they are small but whatever they are, I'm not saying that a relationship is a problem itself but during a relation there may occur different kinds of problem that should be resolved by both persons. The main problem is misunderstanding. The second is jealousy. The third mistrust.

Dating someone you love like a friend means you're compatible on more levels than just the physical one. True love is similar to friendship. The important thing is to establish trust and good communication. Sex is an added bonus, as it is the culmination of your love for each other. But even without sex, it is possible to have a relationship, as long as there is affection and true understanding, and a willingness to share. In all relationships, people will eventually fall out of love over time. People who are together just because they are in love - or in lust - may realise years later, when sex diminishes or becomes inexistent, that they have nothing else in common to keep the relationship going.

A desire to give and receive love will lead us towards a satisfying relationship, in which commitment plays the biggest role. Sex is not compulsory. The main ingredients are trust, acceptance, understanding, respect and appreciation. These can be found in friendship as well, which is why friendship is the best foundation for true love.

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Unrealistic expectation
Lack of appreciation
These are also common relationship problems.

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