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Want to see Earth from orbit?
It cost you $ 200,000! British billionaire Richard Branson presented last oddity: an airplane-spaceship that can reach Earth orbit. The testing of the airplane-spaceship will not commence until next year, but Richard Branson has big plans. He wants to make space tourism, and offers to show the amateurs, the Earth, from orbit, against payment of U.S. $ 200.0000. Advantage that has over NASA is that this technology is 50 years newer than theirs. When entering the atmosphere, the whole ship turns into a giant con.
I want to see Earth from orbit .Just one little problem is to earn 200.000. Travelling in cosmos is the most gripping event in your life.People always wanted to know what is threre beyond borders.So,such a possibility has appeared.But I don't think that cosmos tourism would be very demanding area.Only limited number of people can treats such a luxury.
Laurentine Wrote:Only limited number of people can treats such a luxury.

it is normal that only a number of people will allow this luxury; and in general prices are exclusive or a little bit exaggerated only to the onset, but after a while may be reduced ... and perhaps, we also, will allow a trip after clouds :ange Wink
I think that everyone wants to see their planet from the orbit, but unfortunately we don't have such opportunity. It should be amazing to see something like that! There is a wish but there is no possibility.
:ange I'll pray that God touches their heart so that all the least fortunate including me will see the Earth OrbitBig Grin :banghead
Well, I guess this is one in a life time to see the Earth Orbit, but I think I don't have enough money for it.

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