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An intensive affection, love expressed to a person, wish and aspiration. That person who doesn't have a passion in its life, is sad and hopeless. Sometimes we hear: look at that person, it is a real hard-worker, it spend so much time working how did he resist it? But when a person has aspiration and passion doing something it even didn't feel tiredness.Tell what kind of passions do you have?

I have a passion in collecting different species of cactus. I have already 23 species and each of them are special from me. 4 of them are blooming, 2 from them twice a month, and 2 one time in 2 months. I love all of them and i try to create them the best conditions to live in my apartment.

I have a passion for singing. When I am stressed, nothing helps me more than singing. My passion for singing comes from deep within my soul, mind and heart. When I sing, I sing with all of me, putting everything I can into it. I have always had a great passion for singing, ever since I was young.

What do you know about “passion” here is an interesting wish or desired demand that is adopted by the person is known as passion. My passion is to become a graphic designer with all expertise and essaylab please also share your passion with us.

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