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Online books or libraries???
What do you think about this new tendency of getting all needed information on internet instead of going to a library, making notices and so on??? I am really happy that nowadays new technology gets every day more and more developed! It is good that now you can find whatever you need on internet, but stil I see a minus here....pupils, students got used of searching on inet every material they need, they do not read, they even take from internet text analysis, exercises etc. And, from my point of view this influence their level of education! What opinion do you have regarding this situation that happens all over the world???

It is very good for everybody who use internet as a source of information. We can find everything you want and in measure you need. But the real benefit of the internet is that you don't waste time for searching and seeking in libraries on the racks through different kinds of books the book that you need. It is easier to search on the internet.

They’re both good. It depends partly on whether it’s light entertainment, like fiction or a celebrity memoir, or if it’s something you’re trying to understand, like texts and assigned readings. Research has shown that people learn better from reading paper books than from e-books, but if the subject isn’t anything you’re really invested in, you might as well go for the convenience of online.

Of course, it can also be a matter of economics. I download many free books, and have never yet paid for electronic content, so e-books are as cheap as library books for me. But if what you’re looking for is, say, the latest NYT Top Ten best seller, and you’ll have to pay for the download, you might prefer to get it for free from the library.

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