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Hell in Haiti
Hell in Haiti: 100,000 dead, a city transformed into a cemetery, fires. EUROPA do its best to help, as the rest of the world also!! Confusedweat The first balance advanced by Haitian authorities, after the earthquake of 7.3 degrees on Richter scale, that hit the island two days ago. In entire neighborhoods of the capital, no one has left alive. It was the strongest earthquake that hit the poorest country of the Americas in the last 200 years. The European Union announced it would send emergency 3 million euros. Governments worldwide have prepared support and dozens of multinational companies have made donations of millions of dollars. Do those people will have a normal life, even if they build houses and start everything from the beginning? :fi ;(
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what happened in Thailand in 2004, for Christmas, when was over 300 thousand dead and now is in Haiti, are controlled this seismic phenomena ... this world government which causes disasters wants to thin the rows of world's population... only poor countries are hit ... have you ever wondered why? ... but Jesus said, "when you will hear of earthquakes and rumors of wars, famine and disease, to know that those are signs that "I" will come .. do not worry because all this must to happen "... :fi

Im so sad when I just watch the new about the earthquake happen in Haiti, many people died :nonnon , and Im so glad that every around the globe is helping.

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This incident in Haiti was like what happened in Sodom and Gomorah. The only difference was in Sodom and Gomorah it was fire and in Haiti it was an earth quake. Hence, the result were the same.

Well, maybe- this is a wake up call for all of us- to live a life as if this is our last day because we really don't know what will happen. Very unpredictable.

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