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Did you hear it!
Did you hear it! At last the notorious leader of North Caucasian militants, Ali Tazieff, nicknamed Magas has been arrested by Russian special services in the North Caucasus. And what is our Micho going to do now? His close, but unofficial links with Magas’ cutthroats are well known here, in Georgia.
The matter is that with their help our president has dreamt of ruling the whole Caucasian region. And he has support their idea of united Caucasus, so-called long suffered from Russian aggression, in own interests, as well as, bestowed his blessings to their die-hards’ moving to acts of terror in Russian cities and towns. Well, and who will maintain Saakashvili in his working out new operations against accursed Moscow now, I wonder?
Hmmmmmm I am curious how this will impact most of the European Nations.
I know he has been feared for his style and great tactics in killing people.
Now that he is arrested I think will leave a lot of EU nations at peace. reviews|pull out shelves Raleigh
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