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whats the latest news on global warming?....whats your own opinion on global warming? you fear global warming?
ok thnx but i dont want its history i want the latest news on GW

Man made global warming is a myth. Kind of like the loch ness monster, most people think they have seen it when it doesn't exist.

gwahjahboy - I think a refresher in Answers community guidelines is necessary. Unfortunately, all you global warming people know to do is hurl insults when someone doesn't agree with you.

we are all gonna fry especially in hot! in like 20 years its gonna be terrible...

It's a hoax, man made is at least. But it's a good tool for lefty liberals to get know-nothing panick-driven liberals to vote, and a good tool for scientists to get federal funding to study mud in Tibet.

To the person calling others retard, I think you need to learn the difference between pollution, a local problem that is real, and the myth of a global warming issue. Honestly, before calling others names an inferring them to be stupid, i think you best ejum-a-cate yourself a bit. Because you're coming off as a little retarded.

Global Warming is still being ignored. Like most of the real problems. Like running out of fuel soon. Like the Great Lakes losing billions of gallons of water into a sinkhole everyday. Not to mention the Mercury levels getting dangerously too high. Global Warming news will still be skeptised as long as Exxon keeps spending millions of dollars to keep people believing that we are too small to affect it. If we don't do something now though, we will soon realize it'll be too late. We need more people to believe it and to act. The only 'conspiracy theory' i see here is that the government isn't acting to neutralize it nearly enough ass they should. we should all chip in and give china the fund to use alternate energy sources. not coal. they are become the leading contributors to the carbon emissions.

Nothing good. CO2 levels are rising faster than predicted.

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Polar ice is melting faster than predicted.

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"Positive feedbacks" (reflective ice melts, exposes dark ground, warming speeds up), may be causing it to occur faster than most scientists thought.

This article was a scientific consensus in the 70's

It's coming to get you. Run.

The latest news on global warming is that former Vice-President Albert Arnold Gore Jr. and the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change were jointly awarded the 2007 Nobel Peace Prize.

My thoughts? This is an opportunity to step up and do the research, keep my eyes and ears open and in tune with credible sources of information, and try to educate those wanting information that I've already accessed.

I don't fear it for my generation -- I'm 52 -- but I fear that if the situation is not addressed solidly that my grandchild will not enjoy the same kind of life I was able to enjoy. It is for him that I have stepped up my efforts to learn about the issue, and improve my own lifestyle so I am not contributing significantly to the problems at hand.

It's not exactly "news" per se, but the link below will put you in touch with 2 gentlemen taking an interesting approach.

Thanks for a nice, neutral question on the topic. A rarity here!

We are just experincing a small climate shift. We came in during an ice age, so we havent experenced a nornal climate, the earth is warming up after the ice age, and still is. Animals will be extinct, we probebly wont go because we can adapt well. The great lakes are receding, but they were formed during the ice age. The world will get hot, plants will grow everywhere ( it might look like a jungle), they will absord the CO2 and increse the ozone, and it will get cold. Its a cycle.

Humans are speeding up the prosess, so that might be a pickle. I went to a lake, it was ten feet shalower

gwahjahboy: thats LA for you, Everewhere else is fine.

Global warming is one of the main issues that we and the whole world is facing in this modern era. So for this purpose, you need to grab more ideas that are good for getting the different options.

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