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I am doing final year MCA. How will get job in Finland in IT industries.?
My Name is Anto Alexander. I would like to work in finland. I am doing MCA final year in Tirunelvel, TamilNadu. Please give me a suggestion
about how to get job in finland for IT field.

Probably easiest way is to directly contact company you are interested. Do not only send you current CV, but also tell extremely briefly why they would benefit from hiring you. You should have some kind of special ability or skill also, current job market for IT people in Finland is quite limited and hiring foreigner who has just finished his/hers school doesn't sound very light decision.

If you really want to work in Finland, and you are ready to study more, try to get into Finnish university (it should be almost free), get another degree and start working while studying.

As stated in the other answer the employment situation is not good in IT field in Finland. The industry is undergoing serious off-shoring to low-cost countries and many many people are losing their jobs.

The coders and programmers are the ones getting laid off and then fired from their jobs. Business ethics are bad, only money and profits counts. Productivity is constantly being supervised in spreadsheets and the management makes sure that you get high impossible goals that you'd never achieve. That's the way to squeeze every drop out of you and when you're done... you get laid off and later fired due to production and economical reasons even if the company has hundreds of billions in their growing bank accounts!

That's the way it is today. You should consider less production-like job which is essential for some employer.

I'm just telling you this just to save you from a big disappointment. How much do you really want a job in IT and why? If the times and business ethics were like in the old days when people had some value it'd make a big difference.

I have to warn you that 3. level degree doesn't guarantee you any kind of better job in Finland. We got so much education around here so it's suffered an inflation. Foreigners are looked down to and even if they were with a good education background they'd most likely work as a cleaner.

If you can get any kind of job in some country that has bigger multinational companies in there, like IBM,HP, Apple, Google, then i must say that UK & Ireland is the good place to go job hunting. You need to get that degree first though.

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